Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Two loves of my life. Alanna, a Leicester Longwool + Jane, a Wheaten Ameraucana. Oh, and the man's legs...the original love of my life...so make that three.


Monday, August 15, 2016

 So in line with keepin it real...which is how I like it...I'm going to start with the truth. Because I really like truth...so here it is.

We had weeds. Waist high weeds. For days. As far as the eye could see. The property had been in a trust + the only work done on it for years, was the brilliant endevour to grow weed...yes, that kind...weed! I bet the folks who left this house in a trust to their children were SO proud! Letting the family home fall into disrepair while growing a big fat garden of pot! I digress...

So anyway, the property, 40 acres worth was covered in waist high dry grass + weeds. The fire danger was freaking my Mom out, as we closed escrow in mid July and the whole place could have gone up in flame quite easily. She wanted to pay to have the property weed wacked...all I could think of was "How much would that cost?!"

You see, we're not people who pay other people to do things. We do everything ourselves. So just the idea of paying someone to do that kind of work was a little overwhelming to me. And...I thought...so we pay to get the weeds whacked down...then what? Whacked weeds = we have less money for pretty stuff and the weeds grow back?

I had an idea. I had been saving for more than a year for a milk cow. It was something I wanted badly. Like for years badly. Like a year and a half of birthday + Christmas money and all the extra dollars I could spare, stuffed in a mason jar with a little tag on it featuring a hand drawn cow made for me by one of my precious children. My birthday gift one time was the mason jar, with the little cow tag, with some cash in it. I had been adding as I could for a long time. It was a hard decision, and it hurt because I had had my heart set for quite a while. But...what if I bought goats instead. The good Lord and I both knew I wasn't even close to a cow yet...and it might take saving until Jesus comes back to actually have enough stuffed in that jar to buy a real live bovine...but letting go of the cow money for goats was a tough gig. They would eat all the grass + weeds down, and after the weeds were "whacked" I'd still have something to show for it. I thought, worst case is...the goats aren't fun and I sell them. At least we'd recoup a good bit of the money instead of having it all gone paying someone labor to do it. Best case, we like the goats, get the weeds down + still have the goats which is building our wealth, right? Like Abraham + all his multiplying animals wealth! Ha Ha...ok, I'm sure that's weird to most of you, but it's totally how I think. So...the goat thing started peculating, while I worked on letting go of the fact that I had saved all this money for a cow...not goats. Didn't even ever want goats...but it seemed like the right thing to do...

So I start shopping. And learning. I know nothing about goats except for that I never wanted any, so I've never bothered learning anything about them. Well besides what I know about the Beekman Boys + how fabulous they are. They're some of my favorites & I have coveted their fabulous branding + lifestyle for years and years from a of course it would only be miracle upon miracle to have the money and freedom to get a chance to build and kick ass like them. Not it a bad coveting way...in a I'm so inspired + will totally die a thousand deaths if I actually ever got a shot at doing what they're doing...like if I ever had 2 nickels to rub together that I didn't have to save for milk to feed kids and maybe if we had a backyard that was bigger than a bowling lane with room for A singular fruit tree...to die for...totally inspired by all their fabulousness. In every way. Ok. So what about dairy goats. Now there's an idea. Then we don't just have goats that eat, or meat goats, ew + no...but dairy goats would give us something in addition to eating weeds...insert buildning wealth like Abraham weirdness here...

So I just go ahead and take a look on Craigslist of all places. Because Craigslist is the beginning of all wonderful and magical things to be found for sale for a smokin deal. And although I'm totally not into drug use, of course, because Moms who homeschool, or those even crazier & weirder "unschooling" Moms shouldn't do drugs...one of the highest highs for this girl is getting a deal...especially if it involves something fancy or rare that's totally out of my league that I now can actually acquire due to the magical land of Craigslist. Also, the biggie is, when you know nothing about goats, and nothing of the AG community, that's where ignorant city folk like me start right? So I'm looking + looking...and I find my Lily. In the photo a little boy is hugging on her neck and her floppy ears are dangling down over her sweet, serene face. I avoid the ad for weeks. She's some random goat that's not really a breed and I have no idea where the heck the place is she's located. It's possibly creepy, or ghetto...and goats can carry disease even though I have no idea what those diseases are, and I shouldn't really chance it because I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing...but I can't forget her or that sweet boy. That photo kept tugging at my heart + I figured it was God's way of saying she was right for us. Even though some random goat off Craigslist probably wasn't the best idea. So we get to the property, and it's the sweetest, most humble and precious Mennonite family + I'm totally blessed and assured we've made the right choice. All 3 of their children were beautiful and looked like they had been adopted from different families in Africa. Their daughter had the most gorgeous, super dark skin that glows deep golden...my favorite. I remember when we were in the Bahamas when I was 14, being captivated by the women's skin braiding my hair on the beach. The deepest gorgeous tone of skin, and how their gold bracelets looked against it. I got my hair completely covered in braids, mostly so I could stare at them, hear them talk and pretend I lived in their world. These gorgeous, powerful, big & glorious women with glowing deep skin. It still makes me crazy. So exotic and far from my own milk, white as the sheets shade that I've chosen to learn to love...but at 14, I just wanted to be them. Back to the goats. So this sweet beautiful girl of theirs, had a amazing accent. She must have been adopted old enough to keep it. I kind of died and wanted to stay and hang out with her...but I was there to buy a goat and I didn't want to be too weird. They said I shouldn't take Lily alone, or she'd cry all night, and that I should take one more since I didn't have goats at home. I was like, um, really? Well, ok...sell me another then. So the kids and I chose a baby they'd give us for $100...which I could handle...well, my jar of cow cash could handle. We chose a little white one and home we went with the 2. Lily in milk + this little white baby, we named Flora. So began our journey in goats...thanks to the magical land of Craigslist where totally ignorant people can buy just about anything. Even live animals they may accidentally kill or lose through city folk first whack at it fencing all too quickly...and a beautiful Mennonite family, who shared themselves with us for an hour and gave us hope that we just might make it.

And a few shots of the new LGD puppy, Garrick with Amelia + Ethan...


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Daisy the Teeswater Ewe and her baby boy...our first lamb of 2016.

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